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We are specialists in the decommissioning and dismantling of redundant industrial facilities and plant. Our teams also successfully undertake commercial demolition and residential demolition projects.

We offer this service as a stand-alone provision or a fully project managed solution from initial assessment through to demolition.

Our skilled teams can carry out industrial decommissioning works using safe and innovative solutions. Some of our past projects of this nature have included steel frame and concrete frame petro-chemical plants, large-scale industrial printing facilities, along with the removal of their associated plant and hazardous substances, super-sized cement works gas holders industrial conveyors, green waste facilities and redundant mining plant and structures.

Each project will be individually assessed by our demolition experts and the demolition and dismantling process will depend upon the location and size of the structure and the materials used in its construction.

When carrying out projects that require industrial dismantling of buildings, structures, plant and equipment we instigate procedures to enable the recovery, re-installation or disposal of the component parts.

Our clients will then have the choice of either re-selling the recyclable waste materials themselves or we will utilise the skills and expertise of our sister company.